The 15th annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships is taking place between 7th-13th February 2022.

Here at Chevron, we are all about building a workforce of diverse people that will be critical to our success going forward, we know how important apprenticeships are in starting the learner on the path towards a successful and rewarding career within the aviation industry. Over the years we have successfully guided several people through the apprentice program with three of them here today, now working as fully qualified technicians on our shop floor.


Our newest apprentice is Jake Fallon who started his training with us back in October 2021. He has been completing his apprenticeship in conjunction with OTC (Oldham Training Centre) where Jake attends day release to carry out the NVQ and BTEC elements of the training program.


Jake can be seen here working alongside Mick Kenyon, who just so happens to also have passed on his knowledge to Jakes’s dad Philip Fallon when he served his apprenticeship back in 1984 – 1988 with British Aerospace at their Chadderton site!