In 1998, Chevron made the decision to split from Chevron Aerospace Group to become a completely autonomous business. The paint facility and recruitment agency were later consolidated and moved to the company’s present premises in Sharston, Manchester.

Since 2000, Chevron Technical Services has received a range of Approvals which include covering Line Maintenance for a range of Aircraft based in locations including BAE Systems (Woodford), Kemble Airfield (Gloucestershire) and the United Arab Emirates, and became an Approved Workshop for the Repair, Overhaul and production of Airframe Components. We have also been granted a variation of ratings to include C1, C17 and C18.

Chevron Aircraft Maintenance Ltd (CAM) was formed in 2008 as an autonomous Base and Line Maintenance Organisation whilst Chevron Technical Services (CTS) continued with Component Maintenance.

Chevron Technical Services Ltd moved its Component Maintenance and Production Facility in 2010 to a nearby larger site at

Sharston Road,
M22 4SN

January 2003


Chevron Technical Services were granted a variation to the JAR 145 Approval by the Civil Aviation Authority to cover the Line Maintenance of ATP Aircraft located at BAE Systems, Woodford

January 2000


Chevron Technical Services opened their JAR 145 Approved Workshop for the Repair and Overhaul of Airframe Components

January 1998


Chevron Technical Services split from Chevron Aerospace to become a completely autonomous business.

January 1996


Chevron Technical Services opened a aircraft component paint facility in Maidstone Kent

January 1990


Chevron Technical Services was formed within the Chevron Aerospace group.

January 1985


Chevron Aerospace was formed, specialising in the manufacture and repair of aircraft structural components

January 1982

1982 – 1985

1982 to 1985 saw a period of expansion with Chevron gaining many major contracts with a number of airlines and maintenance organisations for the performance of structural modifications and repairs.

January 1978

The Beginning 1978

The Company was registered in 1978 as Chevron Aircraft Services

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