Cultural Statement

“Chevron is built on a set of beliefs and principles that guide us in the decisions we make, in the work we do, and in our behaviour toward others.

At Chevron we work hard at maximising individual potential, maintaining an emphasis on product integrity, and cultivation of an environment where customer focus can flourish. Staff communicate freely with each other enabling them to work successfully as a team, good teams energise and inspire each other, collaborating and working collectively to deliver results for our customers.

At Chevron we believe that good business starts with good communication and from good communication grows clear understanding and strong relationships. We shall communicate openly with our customers to ensure our service meets their needs.

Chevron is committed to a high standard ethics by promoting an open and just culture. Chevron believes that being environmental, economic and socially accountable adds core value to our business,

For more than 35 years Chevron has worked exclusively in the aircraft industry – Chevron believes that by holding two Part 145s, a Part 21, FAA and TCCA approvals we are ideally and uniquely placed to fully identify and understand our customer’s needs.

Chevron embraces change as a healthy part of growth and shall do things the ethical way, because it is the only way, by being professional and productive and encouraging diversity in ideas, people and points of view. We believe that the best ideas are often made from the bottom up, by those closest to the front line.”

“A fundamental belief in our people and their abilities continue to be the key to our success”.


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Len Morris, Chevron Group