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Aircraft Tankseals

The Chevron TankSeals are experts in the field of Aircraft Fuel System Leaks:


The Chevron TankSeals were formed in 2009 and were exclusively awarded the KLM maintenance contract in the Netherlands; covering KLM, Martinair and Transavia in Schiphol, Amsterdam.

Since then we have repaired 1000+ fuel system faults and have experience on most civil aircraft types. Our customers rely on us for a wide range of aircraft fuel system related services:

  • AOG & Scheduled Fuel System Services: Fuel leak repairs

    Fuel tank pressure testing, leak identification and repair

  • Fuel system component replacement

    System testing, fault diagnosis and component replacement

  • Fuel tank leak testing and surveys

    Full internal/external inspection, fault reports and recommendation

  • Fuel tank decontamination

    Internal surface cleaning and contamination removal

  • Fuel tank structural modification and repair

    Structural fuel tank repairs

  • Fuel tank SB, AD & Mod embodiment

    Fuel system modifications, including service bulletin and directive embodiment.

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection preparation

    Sealant removal & surface preparation

For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us: or contact the office on: 0161 945 6999